Berne Declaration

The Berne Declaration (BD) is a not-for-profit, independent organization which has been campaigning for more equitable relations between Switzerland and underprivileged countries for more than forty years. Among our most important concerns are the global safeguarding of human rights, the socially and ecologically responsible conduct of business and the promotion of fair economic relations.

In Switzerland, the BD strives to build a fairer world by means of public campaigning and lobbying. The BD informs the public at large about the consequences of our consumer behavior and lobbies political duty bearers as well as decision makers of Swiss corporations that have global business operations. The BD urges them to respect human rights, to conduct their affairs in a social and responsible manner and to establish fair conditions of trade.

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Greenpeace is an international environmental organisation. Since 1971, Greenpeace has been campaigning across the globe for a more equitable and sustainable future. In 40 countries, Greenpeace is working to end nuclear and chemical contamination, protect biodiversity, and safeguard the climate, forests, and the ocean.

By means of creative campaigning and non-violent confrontation, Greenpeace raises awareness of global environmental problems and furthers solutions for an ecologically sustainable and peaceful future. Campaigning is coordinated globally and implemented through international networks and national activities. Greenpeace’s scientific research helps uncover environmental scandals and hold perpetrators to account. Lobbying political and private duty-bearers is one of the most important tools of the organization. Moreover, Greenpeace raises public awareness by providing targeted information about environmental issues. Greenpeace is independent of governments, political parties, and the private sector.

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