The People’s Award

The Public Eye Awards is an open and transparent event allowing the general public to voice criticism. This is why every year; one of the awards is determined by popular vote.

An independent jury first assesses the nominations and shortlists the most irresponsible companies for the People’s Award. The selected companies are then published and put to vote online. The voting period lasts until shortly before the World Economic Forum in January. The company that receives the most votes is awarded the People’s Award at the international press conference in Davos.

The Jury Award

The jury is made up of internationally renowned business ethicists, environmental and human rights experts.

The jury selects the winner of the Jury Award based on a number of criteria such as the cogency and substance of the allegations, the scope, relevance, and topicality of the alleged bad practices, the credibility and the importance of the award to the nominating organization’s campaign, and media attractiveness. The winner of the Jury Award is also announced at the same press conference in Davos.