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Responsible Alexey Miller
Gazprom Case

In December 2013, Gazprom became the first company in the world to start drilling for oil in the Arctic Barents Sea. Since the drilling began, the corporation has already violated several federal safety and environmental regulations.


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Responsible Stuart Gulliver

Through their financial assistance, HSBC is contributing to the clearance of land without community approvals and the destruction of high conservation value areas.


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Responsible Glenn K. Murphy
Gap Inc.

Fashion giant Gap has refused to sign the binding agreement «Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh». Instead, it is actively undermining serious reform by promoting a non-binding corporate-controlled program.


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Responsible Brian Dames

Eskom’s behaviour suggests the company thinks burning coal has no impact on human health. Its attempts to avoid compliance with minimum emission standards means Eskom is actively contributing to the violation of the human right to health.

Syngenta, Bayer, BASF

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«The bee-killers» are giant multinational companies that produce and sell highly toxic, systemic pesticides, which are mass-killing bees and other pollinators essential for the environment, agriculture and global food production.


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FIFA World Cup 2014

FIFA’s World Cup contributes to the violation of several human rights, such as the right to adequate housing, the right to free movement, the right to work and the right to protest.

Glencore Xstrata

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Responsible Ivan Glasenberg

The company’s greed for profit seems unstoppable even in the face of social movements, legal proceedings and fines, environmental surveys proving the toxic effects of their business, and criticism by civil society.

Marine Harvest

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The exorbitant use of pesticides, colouring agents and antibiotics as well as the over-population of salmon cages has severe consequences on people and the environment.